Fancy Dining My favorite date ideas

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  • sydneysweet ( 21W / Toledo, OH )


    At a fancy restaurant and he leans in and we kiss

  • kimsides ( 24W / Wrexham, Wales - Denbighshire )


    Would be to go out somewhere nice and to hold hands and kiss and cuddle to get to know each other more

  • fairyprincesz88 ( 27W / Gauteng )


    Food and wine to get to know you :) where a second date could be more fun like dinner and a dance.

  • mushdy ( 18M / Cobham, England - Surrey )


    I would take u to cinema where we can cuddle then go for a meal and talk and then what ever happens next is up to you!! 😘😘😍😍

  • spider1234 ( 38M / Lansing, MI )


    Wine tasting tour followed by a nice dinner

  • bombshellbbw ( 38W / Nashville, TN )


    A nice dinner with stimulating conversation. Followed by a nice walk on the beach or park.

  • tonymattero ( 31M / Port Orchard, WA )


    A nice date with dinner dancing and whatever it leads to

  • softandsmall ( 24W / Nixa, MO )


    Take me to a sushi bar and talk with me then take me to a movie. Preferably jokes should be had.

  • andersc ( 36M / Holly Ridge, NC )


    sweet romantic candle light dinner for two

  • Veritatas ( 39W / Greensboro, NC )


    Spoil me at Lucky 32. It's delicious.

  • Sweetiepie87 ( 28W / Bloomington, IL )


    Perhaps lunch or dinner then followed by a movie. Or somewhere where we can talk and get to know one another.

  • rleek73 ( 41M / Strawberry Plains, TN )


    Picnic on the tailgate of my truck while sitting near a body of water whether it be the lake or the river and watch the stars just bounce off the water, we could talk and get to know each other a little better. That's my  more>>

  • fireexplorer2014 ( 26M / Dunedin, FL )


    I want my date at.restraint. With women. And who have a job. Want to go to the beach with we. Who love me. Want to have kids with Me I like to. Hang out with me. A have fun with me.

  • sadieterry ( 59M / Peosta, IA )


    A woman need to be treated like a Queen.

  • mikeacct ( 47M / East Greenbush, NY )


    Go out for dinner and movie or maybe go for a nice drive in the country

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