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  • ambercydni ( 19W / Peterborough, England - Northamptonshire )


    Flowers, YES. Cute phone calls, YES. Just a meal in general will be amazing. I never get treat properly by a "gentleman" so step up to the plate :)

  • twitybird ( 31W / Ipswich, England - Suffolk )


    High tea and a laugh. Beats the old drinks cliché.

  • mike_L1911 ( 30M / Jersey City, NJ )


    We'll leave that up to you, I'm happy with anything and do everything so whatever makes you happy we'll do!

  • Andy27LA ( 39M / Bell Gardens, CA )


    on my first date I love to take my date to a special restaurant somewhere then we could communicate have eye contact and no interruptions less noise quiet enjoy your meal enjoy our conversation and our contact for commun  more>>

  • PrettyBrnEyez ( 36W / Gray, LA )


    Nice quiet setting,dinner and a movie..

  • jmart023 ( 27M / Denver, CO )


    Staying in and me cooking an amazin dinner for my date and then cuddling underneath the stars.

  • salvatorezenga ( 30M / Waterbury, CT )


    Dinner walk talk get to know one another

  • Cass94_ ( 20W / Horsham, England - Sussex )


    Maybe a meal? So we can still talk. But I'm up for anything out of the ordinary:)

  • justchillshelly ( 23W / North York, ON )


    Poetry show then dinner. I also love baseball so another idea would be a batting cage throw a little bit of competition in there.

  • honeyroast ( 25W / Oakland, CA )


    Romance to a woman is like a key to a car, it gets the engine started.

  • SalDomani ( 41M / Long Beach, CA )


    Whatever works for us both, whatever we choose.

  • JosephDLee96 ( 19M / Saint Louis, MO )


    Fancy dinner and the movies and to treat her like a princess

  • DonnyJames86 ( 29M / Doncaster, England - South Yorkshire )


    Would go out somewhere to eat and see a movie and get to know each other.

  • mark3436 ( 35M / Milwaukee, WI )


    You are not the other than that the new one is a lot to the way of the way go ahead and then we have any questions about the new

  • jeremyoo40 ( 40M / Elmira, NY )


    A date at the beach or going out to dinner or I cook for you.

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